Sunday 20 January 2008

Trials and tribulations of success - # 359

......'roony turns towards home after his day out. He turns for a last look at the City of London, powerhouse of the world's foreign exchange money market, and the premier market for raising new capital and trading derivative financial products. And yet, even here, where financial expertise allegedly reigns supreme, the American subprime mortgage scandal has spread its tentacles.

In this picture we are looking at the riverside edge of an area measuring approximately one half square mile. The City - apart from Canary Wharf, further East - is just one mile square, so this picture shows the edge of roughly half of it.

If you think it looks like an unholy muddle......then, yes, you are absolutely right. But, golly, it sure is exciting.

Camera: Olympus E3


  1. Perfect in B+W. Separates the tones, emphasises the details and isolates the individual buildings. Concentrates our view on how light and buildings interact - it's shadow, highlights and reflections

  2. I am delighted to pass you the “You Make My Day” Award for your inspiring photo blog! Please visit Sofia Daily Photo blog to receive the Award and pass it on!

  3. Good use of black & white. Most architecture is a mish-mash these days. Nothing seems co-ordinated or blends in with the surroundings.

  4. more pics of banks. It brings back bad memories!!!

  5. So you were also caught by the Gherkin! I couldn't miss it, the last time I made a post on London... ;)
    Have a great week!

  6. I think that the transformation of this part of London is amazing... of course including the wharfs!

  7. What, exactly, goes on inside that gherkin?

    from South Shields Daily Photo

  8. I thought this was a PG-rated blog. :-)

    Gerkin, it isn't!