Wednesday 2 January 2008

Cold, damp and wild in Richmond Park - # 341

Jules of Rabaul DP in Papua New Guninea will give you a much lusher and more overwhelmingly exciting stream than this as she pictures her tropical rain forest paradise.

However, the Beverley Brook is a very ancient stream that winds over a long distance and graces Richmond Park for the last couple of miles of its journey before it enters the Thames. (In fact, the latest maps, drawn to indicate the degree of catastrophe that could be caused by climate change and extreme flood levels, show the tiny valley becoming a huge finger of water stretching deep into parts that might never dream that the seas could ever reach them).

That aside, the tiny stream is charming at any time of the year, and the fast flowing water is delightful as it reflects the ancient willows that grow all along the banks.

Camera detail:
Olympus E-3 - on full-auto with image stabiliser "on"
Exposure: 0.008 sec (1/125)
Aperture: f/3.2
Focal Length: 50 mm (the E3 uses a 4/3 format that means the 50mm is equivalent to 100mm in 35mm format)


  1. This is just beautiful, Chuckeroon. I remember boating on rivers like this near to Lewes in Sussex.More overgrown banks though.

    I love, absolutely love, this photograph. Love the angle, the perspective.

    of course I understand diddly when reading about the camera stuff and the focal length but I do understand it's a super photograph.

  2. Beautiful place, excellent photograph. Happy New Year Chuckeroon!

    Alex's World! -

  3. Typical English landscape as we all love it!

  4. @Richard, who is only teasing me, the camera selected ISO 100 automatically. FYI for the Mastiff shot a couple of days ago it selected ISO 250 automatically.

  5. ;) - I was really glad you converted 0.008 of a second though.....
    I should add, concurring with the others that this is an excellent diagonal composition. Colours are a bit muted obviously given the time of year. B+W might allow you to play around with tone contrast though. I recommend Lightroom for this sort of thing these days (and other things). Give the free trial a go and just play with the grayscale conversion

  6. Like an art piece - with relaxing and enigmatic atmosphere!

  7. I like this picture very much. The willows along the little brook, that looks a bit magical and reminds me of a place here I like very much. Willows are so bizarre ...

  8. Very pretty stream....even if it isn't the tropical forest from Jules!