Sunday 6 January 2008

Cold, damp and wild in Richmond Park 4 - # 345

Needless to say, this photo will not win "Wildlife Photographer of the Year". Nevertheless it was exciting to come upon 20 or so Roe Deer stags hiding in the bracken. I found it hard to chose which picture to show.

See how well camouflaged they are. Notice how the spots on the back of the one on the right edge help to hide him. At first, I almost missed the group.

I chose this picture because it shows the face and head very nicely, and also shows off the body size. The one in front is younger than the one behind, judging by the development of the antlers and the build of the head.

Camera: Olympus E3.


  1. You certainly get the award in my book...I am not sure I would have even noticed them. And is that a road behind them? I assume the road in the park and not a very busy road....they look like they feel pretty safe where they are. Nice shot!

  2. They remind me of kangaroos (?)
    When we go walking in our crown land/common land/national park we see mobs of kangaroos sitting kinda like this - they are so beautifully camouflaged you could walk right by them. Do those big deer attack? A big male kangaroo will, if you are not careful. They hold you with their little skinny arms and bring up their back legs with big "claws" on and slice up your guts!!

  3. ... but you found them! Good! How close can you get? Zooming?